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What is Kambo?

“Kambo is the most potent detox I have ever experienced. While purifying my physical body, I noticed an almost immediate emotional and mental aspect of purification as well. I love the energetic shift following a treatment. Dense energies lift, I enjoy an afterglow of mental clarity, greater intuition, and general ease enters into my life. It really feels like magic.” ~ Jordan

Kambo is a traditional sacred medicine used by many tribes of the Amazon Rainforest. It is the secretion from a large green tree frog that lives in the Upper Amazon known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog, more specifically, Phyllomedusa Bicolor. The frogs are not harmed  during the collection of the secretion. They are returned to their natural habitat and are not endangered. Kambo itself is legal and very safe. The secretion contains numerous amino acids and peptides that have been scientifically proven to have numerous healing and biological effects on the human body.

Kambo has been traditionally used by Indigenous tribes of Colombia, Brazil and Peru as medicine and as a spiritual aide. It provides a powerful physical and energetic cleanse, believed to strengthen the body’s natural defenses, increase stamina and therefore improve their hunting skills. It is used to treat malaria, heal infections, and to purify the mind and spirit by removing “Panema” an Indiginous word to describe negative energies that were associated with being lazy, depressed or unlucky. 


Uses and Benefits of Kambo

Today many shamans and natural practitioners still use Kambo to cleanse the physical body of toxins, heal numerous physical conditions, and remove stagnant energy in the energy field. Kambo is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-microbial substance due to its strong concentration of peptides and neuropeptides that work synergistically to detox our systems. Kambo is known to treat depression, addictions, fertility, migraines, candida, energetic and emotional blocks, chronic pain, along with many other conditions. It is often used with the intention to detox the body prior to partaking in other plant medicines, to heal generational trauma, energetically cleanse, or facilitate moving  through emotionally challenging times.


Many work with Kambo to facilitate shadow work, and to experience an emotional release. Those who work with Kambo often describe it as doing deep work to release limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, allowing their true essence to shine through more easily, improving a sense of connection to self, higher power, and to others. Kambo can help to restore the body’s natural state, eliminating debris and leftover remnants of pharmaceuticals or viruses stored in the cells. For those who sit with Kambo without suffering from health conditions, they can experience an overall sense of vitality and improvement in their energy.

Some results may include:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Improved Mental Clarity

Improved Immunity

Improved Mood

Heightened Senses

Increased Physical Strength/Fitness

Weight Loss

Improved Mindfulness/Peace

Decreased Levels of Fear/Anger

Increased Spiritual Connection.


The Science of Kambo

Despite some rumors, Kambo is not a toxin, poison or venom. It’s a natural substance containing numerous peptides that the human body recognizes. During the Kambo process these peptides stimulate different parts of our biological system in a synergistic way, intelligently tracing through the lymphatic system, enabling cellular communication, detoxification, and eventually purging (to support the removal of toxins or anything not meant to be stored in the body). 16 peptides so far have been identified in Kambo. Scientists have not been able to replicate the intelligence of nature and therefore there is no synthetic version of Kambo available.

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