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The Kambo Ceremony


Participants are recommended to avoid heavy, greasy, or foods high in sugar at least 1-3 days leading up to the ceremony. Foods containing processed oils, refined sugars, dairy, caffeine and other forms of processed foods are strongly discouraged on the day before and after you sit with Kambo.


Alcohol must not be consumed 72 hours prior to the ceremony.


Cannabis must be avoided 24 hours prior to the ceremony.


It is recommended to take time to consider the intention for sitting with Kambo. Consider what one would like to release, what they are calling in, and what they want their ceremony to focus on. Intentions are extremely powerful and can be reflected on prior to and during the ceremony.


Prior to each ceremony the client’s experiences and intentions are shared with the practitioner with the intention to gather information for placement of the burn sites, and to strengthen the connection to the purpose of the session.


A Kambo Ceremony takes approx 2-3 hours. It is required that you come on an empty stomach, strictly no food for 10 hours, and nothing to drink 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time.

Do not take any medications. You may bring them with you to take following the session, but be sure to have them reviewed first as they may interact with Kambo. All medications must be reviewed during the intake process.


We will decide the location on the body at this time. The number of points as well as location is determined by your practitioner. This is determined by several factors including the number of times the client has worked with Kambo as well as the intention for the session.


Basic Treatments are offered for a client’s first time. Applied to either the upper arm, or lower leg. We will always begin with a test point the first time a client sits with Kambo to test for adverse reactions. Subsequent sessions allow for more exploration with the sites, such as Chakra or Meridian placements to align with the intentions that were set. 


Some bodily sites are not permitted such as the genitals, head, neck, nipples, inner thighs. For difficult to reach areas we may choose Auricular Kambo, utilizing the ears to address energy points in the ears that are associated with body parts or organs or emotions. Body locations closer to the heart tend to cause a more rapid reaction and bring on a purge more quickly.

Once the site is chosen, the gates are opened with superficial burns to the outer layer of skin. The burning sensation lasts only a second and is necessary to allow the Kambo to be applied to have direct access to the lymphatic system.


After this time the client will drink 2 L of room temperature water within 15 minutes. Once the water is drunk the Kambo is applied and the process will begin. 

The Purge

Within minutes of the Kambo being applied the client will begin to feel a number of sensations such as a change in temperature, increase in heart rate, facial flushing, along with a temporary rise in blood pressure. After the blood pressure peaks, the peptides will cause a sudden drop in blood pressure and the nausea and purging will begin. 

Temporary nausea and upset stomach is expected as the client will purge in one or more of the following: vomiting, using the toilet, trembling/shivering, sweating, releasing tears, nasal secretions, and emotional releases. All are considered normal and your practitioner will be present the whole time to hold space for your process and ensure safety.


Kambo is not a psychedelic substance. It does not cause hallucinations, visions or journeying like other medicines found in the Amazon. It is mostly a physical process and can be uncomfortable and challenging, lasting between 20-40 mins. It will require mental acceptance and surrender of discomfort. You can not overdose on Kambo and if you do not have contraindications to Kambo the process is very safe. The sensations cease immediately once the Kambo is removed.


Plant Allies used in Ceremony

The Amazon Jungle is home for thousands of healing plants, and the Indigenous people that live there have been using them for centuries to support wellness, and heal themselves from physical, spiritual, and emotional dis-ease. RootWork Kambo will often incorporate the ritualistic use of these plant allies to help open or close the sacred space, or support the Kambo process.


(pronounced Rap-eh or Hap-eh)

An Amazonian medicine made up of roots, trees, leaves, seeds, spices, bark, oils, herbs, and often has a tobacco base.The application of the powder is with either a Tepi or Kuripe pipe, blown up both nostrils during a momentary pause of breath. This traditional snuff helps connect us with the Earth; Purifying, clearing, and supporting the mind, body and spirit.



A Kambo Ceremony will always begin with smudging of the ceremonial space, the practitioner, and the participant. It is an ancient spiritual ritual of burning sage, palo santo, tobacco, or similar wood or grasses to clean and purify the energy of a person and/or the environment. Intentional burning of these plants release powerful aromas that have tremendous healing and cleansing capabilities.



Amazonian eye medicine in liquid form that is made from the root of a rainforest shrub. When applied to the eyes the effects are both immediate and gradual. It offers many healing benefits, including the enhancement of vision, the opening of the third eye for greater intuition, calming the nervous system, resets the emotional field, and helps balance chakras or energy centers within the body. It can help open the heart and bring peace, focus, relief and clarity to those working with it.


Resting Period

Once the purging process is complete, the Kambo is removed from the skin and the client is encouraged to rest for at least 30 mins. Tea and fruit is offered post ceremony, and informal discussions about the experience take place.


THE DAY OF your ceremony please be conscientious of your schedule and the quiet time you may need to integrate. Be gentle with yourself and honour anything that comes up. It is best to expect to need time and space for this integration process and to have a clear schedule post ceremony. It is recommended to follow a Kambo ceremony with a clean diet void of alcohol for an additional 24 hours.


Tiffany Lynn

IAKP Kambo Practitioner

RootWork Kambo

If you are interested in booking a Kambo Ceremony please first fill out the application form below. 

Once your application has been received it will be reviewed and you will get an email to schedule a free 15  minute consultation where you can raise any questions or concerns and it can be determined if Kambo is right for you.

Kambo is a Shamanic Ceremonial Ritual from the Amazon Rainforest. The word “medicine" is used in a traditional sense as in “ancestral medicine” or “folk medicine”. At no point are these services intended as medical advice or practice. ​

Kambo practitioners do not diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, offer health advice, treat physical or mental health issues, prescribe medication, nor are they doctors or any other form of medical practitioner.


Participants are advised to seek medical advice from their family doctor or nurse practitioner prior  to engaging in a Kambo session. Participants are encouraged to do their own research as to the potential risks and/or benefits of taking Kambo as none are offered or implied here.

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