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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Kambo administered?

Kambo is taken by making small burn sites on top of the skin called gates so it can enter the lymphatic system. The Kambo is then applied to the gates on the skin for 20-40 mins or until the process is complete.


2. What is the role of the Kambo Practitioner?

To be your guide, apply the Kambo, monitor for safety, and hold space for you to experience the Kambo Medicine.

3. When to do one vs three treatments? 

Many people consider three treatments in a moon cycle (28 days) a “vaccine.” It has become a popular tradition over time that serves to deeply purify and detox the physical and emotional body. For those who are interested a deeper healing than just one session can provide we recommend sitting with Kambo three times over a short period of time. This will provide a deep cleansing and reset which can help one realize their intentions in a strong way


4. What to bring?

The most important thing to bring to a Kambo ceremony is a clear understanding of your intention for working with Kambo. What are you releasing and what are you calling in? 

Wear comfortable clothes, layers are best. Tie your hair back. Bring a change of clothes in case and a journal.


5. How many points do I get?

Everyone who sits with Kambo for their first time will get a test point to see how they react to the medicine. The number of points is determined by the number of times you’ve received Kambo,  and your response to previous Kambo sessions. As well as the experience of your practitioner, intuition, and connection to the spirit of Kambo. There is no set number. Everyone is treated differently and it will be decided at the time of each ceremony.


6. What should I do During Ceremony?

Focus on your breath. Focus on the sensations in your body. Focus on your intention. Invite the spirit of the medicine in and sit with it. Always go back to the breath and let go. The more you resist Kambo the more difficult the process may be so focus on surrender and release.


7.What to expect the days following Kambo?

This will be different for everyone. Expect to process during the session, as well as this may continue for hours or days following the session. As we release energies we transform our internal and external lives. Be gentle and aware of what thoughts and emotions come up. It may be helpful to journal or talk with someone.


8.Are there any other Amazonian medicines offered in Kambo Ceremony?

Your practitioner may offer you rapé (pronounced "rapé'h" also known as hapé) or sananga before, during, or after Kambo during ceremony. Your ceremony may include the burning of tobacco, sage, or palo santo as well to energetically prepare the space and clear energies during the Kambo ceremony.


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