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RootWork Kambo


Holistic Healing Ceremonies in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley

About Section

About Tiffany

Tiffany is a nurse, writer, dancer, and adventurer. Her heart feels most at home when she's near water, dancing kizomba, and connecting with nature. She loves personal growth & exploring all things mystical and spiritual. She continually strives to live a more conscious, connected, and abundant life– obsessed with all things that help raise consciousness.


Tiffany’s Soul Purpose has always been to walk alongside and support those embarking on their own sacred journeys. She has spent the majority of her nursing career working with clients facing life-limiting illnesses in palliative and hospice care. She brings with her years of professional experience, compassion for the human condition, along with a deep respect for the medicine that she holds. Holding sacred and safe space for her clients to experience for themselves the empowering, self-healing possibilities Kambo offers has been her greatest privilege.



“Receiving Kambo with Tiffany was a powerful experience. She listened to my intention and came up with purposeful placements for the Kambo. I was well taken care of during the session, and the space I needed to process felt so respected. The aftercare was thoughtful and nourishing. The medicine she holds is powerful and she has an immense capacity for holding space for the depths of other’s process. My process led me deep into healing some old patterns that I had been struggling to work through prior and over the next week the lessons kept coming in…consistently yet slow enough to move through…” ~Ana

Tiffany Lynn

IAKP Kambo Practitioner

RootWork Kambo

If you are interested in booking a Kambo Ceremony please first fill out the application form below. 

Once your application has been received it will be reviewed and you will get an email to schedule a free 15  minute consultation where you can raise any questions or concerns and it can be determined if Kambo is right for you.

Kambo is a Shamanic Ceremonial Ritual from the Amazon Rainforest. The word “medicine" is used in a traditional sense as in “ancestral medicine” or “folk medicine”. At no point are these services intended as medical advice or practice. ​

Kambo practitioners do not diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, offer health advice, treat physical or mental health issues, prescribe medication, nor are they doctors or any other form of medical practitioner.


Participants are advised to seek medical advice from their family doctor or nurse practitioner prior  to engaging in a Kambo session. Participants are encouraged to do their own research as to the potential risks and/or benefits of taking Kambo as none are offered or implied here.

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